Nigel Marsh - How to Make Work-Life Balance Work

One of the most prevalent problems of modernity involves the following set of circumstances which, statistically speaking, probably apply to you: you spend the majority of your time working for a job you hate to buy shit you don't need to impress people you don't like, or to provide for the family you never see because you're so busy selling your soul to your corporate masters...

In the following engaging and funny TEDTalks presentation, and without using any technical jargon, Nigel Marsh explains one of Marx's insights (that corporations are designed to get out of you as much as they possibly can get away with), and seamlessly incorporates that idea with the Aristotelian notion that the good life is a life that balances all the different aspects that make that life worth living.

Fortunately, The Onion reports that entrepreneurs in third-world countries are doing what they can to help you balance work with home... by letting you bring your work home :)

Sure, you may laugh at them, but do you have a work laptop or blackberry? Yeah, you're your company's bitch :)
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