Christopher Hitchens - The Ten Commandments

One of the most curious and ironic things about our fundamentalist Christian brethren is that, despite their loud and vociferous attempts at imposing their religious views on the rest of us, many of them are actually quite illiterate when it comes to their own religion. We've seen Stephen Colbert, for instance, demonstrate that politicians who want to pass bills that would require the display of the Ten Commandments on official buildings don't even know what the commandments are...

In the following video, renowned atheist author Christopher Hitchens delivers a fascinating, thought-provoking and amusing lecture on the history, exegesis, philology, authority and 'morality' espoused by this ancient set of rules... oh, and about the various versions it's gone through in the same book, and how it's been adopted by a few funny men :)

I just love the fact that a book 'inspired' by an omniscient and benevolent transcendent being would fail to mention that slavery and child abuse are probably not a good idea :)
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