Horizon - What is Reality?

Ancient Greek philosophers like Parmenides, Zeno and Plato stumbled upon a radical discovery: the distinction between appearance and reality. If we are to ask the question of what reality is (and how we can know this), our best bet at finding some sort of answer would require that we delve deeply into science, mathematics and philosophy.

The following documentary explores some of the questions that are currently at the border between scientific inquiry and philosophical speculation: What are the basic constituents of the universe? How does quantum mechanics make sense? What's up with the double-slit experiment? Is mathematics the language in which the laws of the physical universe are written, or is the universe actually part of a mathematical structure? Do we live in a multi-dimensional universe, or are we simply the holographic projection of information forever trapped in the event horizon of some supermassive black hole? And why can't a guy get a date on a Saturday night? :)

I think the pony tail might help explain the mystery of the last question :)
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