The Scanner's Prayer

If there is one thing most of us think is private, it's our thoughts. And the only time we tend to be okay with our private thoughts being heard by anyone would be when we silently pray.

If you happen to work with an MRI machine, however, you probably know that if there is anyone who can read your thoughts, it's that machine. So, before you have to use one, recite this prayer (and mean it... you can't fool it):

Our scanner, which art from Siemens,
Hallowed be thy coils.
Thy data come;
Thy scans be done;
In grey matter as it is in white matter.
Give us this day our daily blobs.
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive them that trespass onto our scan slots.
And lead us not into the magnet room carrying a pair of scissors,
But deliver us from volunteers who can’t keep their heads still.
For thine is the magnet,
The gradients,
And the headcoil,
For ever and ever (at least until we can afford a 7T).

Via the Neuroskeptic blog.
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