Democrats Are Finally Growing a Spine!

Having lost the most recent election despite having done some good work for the past two years (that's how wussy these people have been, that they allow themselves to get voted out of office simply because they don't have to guts to stand up for their own values and work record), it seems at least a few Democrats are starting to wake up from their wimpy slumber and stand up to conservatives.

Some of the inspiration comes from Senator Bernie Sanders, who recently spoke truth to power when he delivered an impassioned speech with the kind of honesty and straight-shooting that we often forget politicians are capable of. Now, Sanders is technically an independent, but that's at least one person willing to stand up to the Republicans. Hopefully the Democrats will start to follow suit soon.

Some, unfortunately, have decided to grow some balls only once they've been voted out of office:

Still, better late than never...

Now, it would be unfair to generalize the corruption and greed to all wealthy people.

In fact, there is a growing movement of concerned 'patriotic millionaires' who, understanding the difficulties of our economic crisis, are calling for a raise in their taxes to help alleviate the problem.
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