The Blietzkrieg on Grinchitude - Atheist Billboard & Capitol Christmas Tree Edition

So there is this silly battle of billboards between atheists and the religious. One group puts up a sign, the other group gets outraged about it and puts up one of its own... lather, rinse, repeat... it's the most boring and pointless ping-pong game I've ever seen.

Luckily, Stephen Colbert reports in the following clip that the Lincoln Tunnel Authority has won the battle with a sign everyone will agree with :)

Also (and this is the best part), it seems the Capitol Hill Christmas tree has become the latest Twiter sensation. Just don't look at its past tweets...

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The Blitzkrieg On Grinchitude - Atheist Billboard & Capitol Christmas Tree<a>
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Happy 234th birthday, Capitol Hill Christmas Tree :(
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