Naked Self Advertising: The Onion and Philosophy

Ok, so today's entry is a bit different from usual: it's all about me :)

A while ago I was commissioned to write a chapter for a book on The Onion and Philosophy (basically, what you can learn about philosophy by laughing your ass off). Anyway, it looks like the book has just been officially published. It's a great read, so go buy it!

And you don't have to take my word for it. It's being highly recommended by luminaries such as Sarah Palin, who called it "a real page-turner... the best book I've read since Principia Mathematica" :)

In case you're curios, the chapter I wrote, partly inspired by this Onion story, is entitled "Pope Admits: 'God Ain't Said Shit to Me'."

It's an analysis of various arguments for the existence of God, and how The Onion deals with them: it's a hilarious bloodbath that can hopefully teach you some lessons in critical thinking and how to evaluate different kinds of evidence for all kinds of claims according to reasonable and reliable standards.

Apart from Sarah Palin, the book has also received positive reviews from God himself, as well as from philosophers such as Peter Singer (seriously), Elliot Sober, Steven Nadler and Robert Paul Wolff.
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