Gay? You Are Not Alone... and It Gets Better

With the recent news of Tyler Clementi (a gay college student who jumped to his death to avoid the shame, humiliation and bullying that would ensue as a consequence of his roomate's thoughtless choice to out him to the world by posting a video on the internet documenting a sexual encounter with another male student), news about the prevalence of suicide among gay teens and children have come to shock many of us. Clementi's suicide, for instance, was one of five in the span of only three weeks.

So, for any of you, dear readers, who may have issues with your own sexuality or sexual orientation, and who may find the bullying or the pressure too overwhelming at times, know that things will get better, and that you're not alone, as I hope the following moving video clip will show.

And just to prove that it can get better, Dan Savage and his husband share their own stories and the obstacles they've overcome before finding happiness with each other:

Update: President Obama has joined the ranks supporting this important message:

Now, come on... killing yourself for being gay is... kinda gay... I'm sorry, too soon? :)
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