Christine O'Donnell - Ask Me Questions I Don't Like, and I'll Sue Your Ass

Don't you just love it when Tea-Partiers talk about gov't transparency? I know I do. I think that since politicians' jobs depend on the support of their constituency, they ought to be held accountable to said constituency. The principle makes perfect sense.

My problem is when the actual application of this principle is based on special pleading: 'we should hold politicians accountable for what they say and do, but if you ask me questions I don't like, I'll snap my fingers and get my lawyers/campaign managers to physically bully you and then threaten you with a big, fat lawsuit if you release the video.'

Funny thing... here is the video :)

Of course, suing the radio station would be a violation of the right to freedom of press and freedom of speech, so she subsequently had to apologize.

But it's not really her fault; after all, she herself admits her utter ignorance of the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights (not to mention her ignorance of evolution and science):

Lady, they weren't laughing with you, they were laughing at you :)
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