Space Odyssey - Voyage to the Planets

I recently posted an entry featuring author Mary Roach talking about the science and logistics of manned space exploration. As you will remember (and as it applies to the rest of her awesome books), her focus is primarily on the interesting circumstances in which the human body can find itself, and how such circumstances create opportunities for curious scientists to learn a bit more about how we operate.

Combine the question of what would happen to the human body when exposed to the great diversity of environments available in our solar system, how scientists, engineers and doctors would tackle these challenges, and what we would learn about the solar system itself if we were to send a manned crew to explore it in all its glory... and what you'd find is today's visually stunning documentary/movie.

Would it be possible for humans to land on Venus, when its atmospheric pressure alone (92 times stronger than that on Earth) is strong enough to make carbon dioxide a kind of liquid? And let's not even get started with its heat, which is enough to melt lead, and makes Venus the hottest planet in the solar system. What about approaching and escaping Jupiter's gravitational field, or visiting any of its moons? What about flying through Saturn's rings? Or landing on a comet?!? Clear your schedule, grab a bite, sit back and enjoy the show.

Check out a similarly awesome documentary about Titan.
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