Rush - On the Origin of Specious, Religion Family Tree

One of the most useful tools Darwin bequeathed to us is the phylogenetic tree of life. Part of the reason this is a great tool is that it can help us visualize virtually any genealogical relationship in which some version of the mechanism of natural selection applies, regardless of whether this takes the form of animal or plant speciation, the historical development of languages, family genealogies, the rise and fall of civilizations, the emergence of scientific paradigms, or the history and evolution of cultural memes.

One of the ironic consequences of the tree of life is that its structure can even be applied to understand the history of religion, including those that deny the fact of evolution, and as the following music video makes clear, it looks like in the very act of creating his tree of life, Chuck brought an axe with him :)

Learn more about the tree of life in this wonderful documentary.
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