Richard Dawkins Makes the Pope His Bitch

You've probably heard already that almost as soon as he got off the plane in England, the Pope started his usual rant blaming secularism and atheism for the rise of Nazism and other such evils.

Hey, if you had to answer for your own involvement in and cover-up of countless cases of child abuse perpetrated by your own minions, you'd try to distract everyone too... Is that Elvis over there?

Of course, vilifying a minority made up by great numbers of highly educated and intelligent people is probably not the best PR strategy to follow because these are people who do their homework AND think critically, and that's a killer combination.

Here is Richard Dawkins (photoshopped in the picture above with the Pope) beautifully laying out the facts and letting the Pope have it :)

Of course, one could always go the Tim Minchin route with a song:

And Penn & Teller think this is all bullshit too
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