My Trip Out West

I think I've spent my life on the East Coast, and as far as I can remember, just about every state I've ever visited has had direct access to the Atlantic Ocean. A few weeks ago, however, I went on a little vacation out west and visited some amazing national parks in Utah and Arizona.

I had seen pictures of some of these places before, and thought it would be nice to see them, but I was not prepared for the splendor, beauty, sublimity and gripping awesomeness that I would encounter there.

If I had to describe my experience in one sentence, I'd say that I fell in love with America all over again, and I hope the slideshow of some of the pictures we took (below) gives you all a small glimpse of the magnificence that geological forces can create given enough time (just click on the x when the annoying advertising pops up).

In case you're wondering, the parks featured in the slideshow include Zion, the Red Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Arches, Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon, the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam.
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