Inside Nature's Giants - Great White Shark

Continuing with a second season of the fascinating documentary series Inside Nature's Giants, the team sets out to dissect and understand the inner workings of the most feared predator of the ocean: the great white shark.

At first glance, you might imagine that this is just an overgrown fish with huge teeth, but you would be wrong. As it turns out, the set of adaptations that have conferred upon this animal its infamous reputation is not only a remarkable display of evolution's problem-solving skills but of its blind creativity and opportunism... on steroids.

From its ability to smell minute traces of blood from miles away to the power to propel itself into the air, or from its ever-rotating factory of teeth to its chain-mail skin or its launchable jaws, every cut in this dissection presents new and truly astonishing facts about this predator's highly evolved anatomy and physiology.

Prepare to learn the secrets of this cold-blooded killer that, apparently, is not actually cold-blooded :)

Get inside more of nature's giants.
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