Carl Sagan - Consider Again that Pale Blue Dot

You've seen Carl Sagan meditate on the significance of looking at Earth, our pale blue dot, from the distance of outer space and in the context of the rest of the universe.

Continuing with that meditation on the follies of our anthropocentrism, he describes in the following video the history of this all-too-human psychological imperative, explaining in the process that our ancestors, given their knowledge at the time, were justified in feeling themselves the center of the universe: from their perspective, that's what it looked like. But just as children must learn when they grow up that the universe doesn't revolve around them, it is time for us to do the same. Much depends on it.

Of course it looked like the sun revolves around us, but just ask yourself, as the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein once did, what would it look like if it looked like we revolved around the sun? Just some food for thought :)
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