The Moon Landing Hoax, Finally Revealed!

There are a substantial number of people out there who believe that the Moon landing footage was faked by the government, and probably shot in some desert out West.

As with most conspiracy theories, the 'evidence' presented is usually formulated on the basis of a lack of evidence or a lack of understanding of the evidence, and it is usually followed by some self-congratulatory rhetorical question that reaches a conclusion that doesn't actually follow from the evidence (or lack thereof) presented.

Of course, before you can challenge these logical gaps, conspiracy theorists usually spray you with a series of distractions, one more inane than the next, too quick to keep up with and peg individually. This type of mental prestidigitation works on the tacitly shared assumption that if you don't quite get it right away, it's probably because you're not very smart...

Logically speaking, seriously entertaining conspiracy theories is an invitation to irrationality, since these are usually formulated in ways that can't be falsified. None of that, however, means that they couldn't be true... but perhaps the truth, untestable as it might be, might be stranger than you think :)

Check out these guys mocking homeopathy.
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