Restoration of 'Star Spangled Banner' Uncovers Horrifying New Verses

As we prepare to get patriotic this weekend to celebrate another anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, it may also be worth reflecting on the history of the Star Spangled Banner.

When I was younger, I must confess I always assumed the song started by asking whether Jose could see what we so proudly hailed, and I used to wonder who the hell Jose was... it wasn't for a long time that someone would point out that it was "O! say"... not Jose :)

Anyway, The Onion reports that new verses of this poem have been recently discovered and, depending on your point of view, they are either disturbing or even more American than hot dogs and apple pie :)

Is it just me, or do also feel a sudden urge to invade Canada now? :)

Stay tuned for this year's blog entry on the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson and Franklin are going to be rocking it...
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