Inside Nature's Giants - The Whale

In the previous episodes of the Inside Nature's Giants documentary series, you've seen the dissection of an elephant, a crocodile and a giraffe, but this series couldn't be complete without an exploration of the largest animal of all: the whale.

Unlike the other giants we've seen before, all of which are terrestrial, whales have evolved a completely different series of adaptation, since they have made their living by going back to the water permanently. After all its hard work to leave the water, I'm sure Tiktaalik would probably be pissed at the whales...

Anyway, when news of the death of a stranded fin whale reached the ears of the BBC, they had no time to waste, and set out on a mission against the elements and the tides to understand the anatomy and physiology of this giant of giants. As you might expect, what they discovered was incredibly fascinating.

Check out more on the evolution of the whale.
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