Brian Greene - The Search for Hidden Dimensions

Virtually since its inception, string theory has found itself in a very intellectually precarious position: the mathematical models are both beautiful and coherent, but we don't yet know whether they are true. This is not simply due to the philosophical problem of the underdetermination of theory by data but by the fact that string theory can only make sense of our universe by postulating the existence of spatial dimensions that go beyond those of our experience, and which, consequently, may not be testable.

This raises the question of whether string theory is a truly scientific theory or just fascinating intellectual masturbation, and in the following animation, Brian Greene contributes his two cents to the debate, attempting to make the case that even though we may not be able to directly observe multiple dimensions, we may nevertheless be able to do so indirectly.

And while we wait for the Large Hadron Collider to churn out some results, lolcats are already making plans to take over the world...

Where is Schrodinger's cat when you need it?
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