The Spaghetti Harvest

Growing up in poverty, I remember, with some strange and inexplicable sense of nostalgia, times when my family and I would have to skip meals because we couldn't afford to eat three times a day... or even every day sometimes. It must have killed my parents not to be able to feed their children, and I can't imagine the exasperation my father must have endured when I would ask why we had no food, not even noddles. With what I now understand to be that inexhaustible well of fatherly patience, his usual response was "because spaghetti doesn't grow on trees."

It would take me years to figure it out, but it turns out my dad was wrong about this one, as this vintage footage from a BBC documentary from 1957 shows. If only we had known earlier...

Another thing my father was wrong about: penguins can't fly. What the hell kind of school did my pops go to?!?
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