Jane McGonigal - Gaming Can Save the World

If this entry doesn't save the world, it could at least save a whole bunch of relationships in peril... If you think your good-for-nothing boyfriend is a waste of living matter simply because he devotes so much of his time to playing video games --instead of paying more attention to you :), you may be failing to realize that his motivation and the development of his gaming skills could be precisely the solution that the world's problems require, and as Jane McGonigal explains in this presentation we guys will use to rationalize our behavior to our girlfriends for years to come, or other guys might use to rationalize their not having a girlfriend to begin with :), this energy is just waiting to be harnessed and directed toward epic projects that could really save the world.

Like I always say, if there's an alien civilization intent on destroying our species, our only option for saving the planet will first require we master Halo :)

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