Wonders of the Solar System - Empire of the Sun

There is one object around which all activity in the solar system revolves, both literally and figuratively: that massive nuclear fusion reactor we call the sun. We wouldn't be here without it, so send any complaints its way :) In today's visually spectacular documentary from the BBC, Professor Brian Cox travels to some of the best locations in the world to experience and share with us the magnificence and the effects that this great ball of fire produce on our planet.

If you're wondering what kind of awesomeness awaits, let me just mention a full solar eclipse, some incredible time lapse photography of waterfalls at night with the (appearance of the) Milky Way rotating in the background, the magnitude of the magnetic field that protects us from the violence of the Sun, and a mystifying sequence of Northern Lights.

And if you want the simpler audio version, explained in ordinary language by two self-confessed non-scientists, Josh and Chuck from the Stuff You Should Know podcast, give this a listen:

And if you still can't get enough, you should watch the documentary Secrets of the Sun.
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