The Human Sexes 05: The Maternal Dilemma

Being a man is not always easy, but being a woman must be the equivalent of tight-rope walking... while balancing children, a career and a personally satisfying life. In today's episode of the documentary series The Human Sexes, Desmond Morris explores the multitude of strategies women all over the world have developed in order to deal with their seemingly mutually exclusive drives toward forming a family (which requires almost unimaginable amounts of attention, energy and effort), versus their desire for personal and professional success.

As you'll see, it seems humans are starting to learn a few lessons from our marsupial cousins. And if you're one of those people who advocate for more 'natural' approaches to giving birth, the documentary shows you just how it's really done :)

It's impolite to ask the man how many children he has?!? Shouldn't it be impolite of him not to know?

Anyway, now you know a neat new little trick to rock a baby to sleep :)
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