Dan Barber - How I Fell in Love with a Fish

Do you like genuinely delicious food? There is an extent to which that's a tricky question because it presupposes that we actually know what delicious food tastes like. Consider, however, how so much of what we ordinarily consume is full of toxic chemicals, pesticides, natural waste products, and pumped with antibiotics, powerful hormones and even steroids, and you may start to wonder whether you've ever had a real meal in your whole life. Consider next the huge non-sustainable environmental footprint that food production creates and we're looking at a diminishing supply of good quality food...

In this powerful, humorous and thought-provoking presentation, chef/foodie Dan Barber tells the fascinating story of how he fell in love with a ridiculously delicious and sustainable fish raised using a revolutionary farming method. It's truly an inspirational story that points the way to environmental progress and yumminess :)

And if you don't think we're in dire need of methods like this, you might want to ask yourself how many people can live on Planet Earth with our current practices and habits. Quick hint: not that many.

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