Sports Science - Spiraling the Pig Skin vs. Shooting Arrows

I'm not a very big fan of watching sports. I'm not sure why that's the case (although I tell myself plenty of reasons), but there's something frustrating about sitting down watching someone else engage in an fun activity instead of being part of the action myself. Now, of course, I'm at a loss to explain my fascination with porn, but that's a whole other story:)

Anyway, and since everyone is probably still thinking about yesterday's SuperBowl, the following short clip shows the physics involved in a perfect football throw (and when I say perfect, I mean perfect!), understood from the detailed analysis of Quarterback Drew Brees' incredible and uncannily consistent accuracy.

Before watching the video, ask yourself this: who would be more accurate at shooting from a distance of 20 yards, a professional football player or a professional archer? The answer might surprise you...

Holy cow!
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