Final Season of 'Lost' Promises to Make Fans More Annoying than Ever

I hate Lost with a passion. I just have to say it. Every time something doesn't make sense in that show, it moves on to an even less plausible scenario. Possible dinosaurs living in an isolated island in the 20th century? Nope, it's a smoke monster with an attitude... How did everyone get in the island? They were individually chosen by some dude who has magical powers and doesn't age... Everyone is about to get killed? The island can magically disappear and relocate itself... How is that explained? Superficial interpretations of time travel, 'quantum physics' and parallel worlds... And naming the characters after famous philosophers and scientists while butchering their ideas only makes the show seem pretentious, not profound... argh!

Will I be sucked into watching the last season of this stupid show? Yes... and that's my main reason for hating it :(
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