The Tiger Woods Accident

I know the Tiger Woods story has monopolized the media, and everyone's sick of it, but it provides an opportunity for me to explain why I admire golfers as much as I do: somehow, almost magically one might say, golfers have managed to convince the world that what they do is a sport :)

But don't they either drive around the course on small electric cars, you might ask, or simply walk while a caddy carries their equipment for them? And, hey, the ball they have to hit doesn't even move!

All of which makes my point all the stronger: since they have convinced the world that their game is a sport, they have also managed to secure the hot chicks, whom they consequently take for granted and cheat on... there's a lesson in there somewhere.

Anyway, here is Saturday Night Live's amusing take on it:

And the 'multiple' mistresses are just his attempt to build his own 18-hole course :)
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