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Reality sucks sometimes, especially when your world-view is based upon the incoherent, bigoted, unscientific and self-contradictory ramblings of an ancient barbaric and illiterate people with a reputation for their fantastic sense of superstition and questionable moral doctrines.

So, what do you do in the 21st century when all available evidence and reality contradicts your backward beliefs? If you're anything like Conservapedia founder, Andy Schlafly, you make up your own shit and ask like-minded reality denialists to contribute to your propaganda. If someone questions why you are relying on the testimony of prejudiced non-experts, you use phrases like 'democratic process' and 'the marketplace of ideas,' and argue that the best ideas will rise to the top (because you've actively edited contradictory views out of the meme pool). And finally, you also try to discredit reality by calling it 'liberal bias.' Yes, it's pretty pathetic...

Of course, when you have to defend your tactics in public, like Schlafly does in this funny interview with Stephen Colbert, you're either going to argue in circles or you're going to contradict yourself... or both :)

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To get a sense of their delusional ramblings and their venomous rhetoric, check out their entries on homosexuality, evolution, premarital sex and atheism.
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