Senator Diane Savino on the Marriage Equality Bill

Gay people want the same constitutional right to be miserable that the rest of us have. I don't quite get this preference myself (I'm skeptical of marriage in general), but the question is ultimately one of equality and justice before the law, not a question of religion or tradition or even of ethics. The role of government is not to legislate morality, taste, preference or popularity, but to protect all citizens and their rights, even their right to make choices that others might consider distasteful, foolish or downright revolting.

Most of the opposition to the legalization of gay marriage comes from religious conservatives who, aware that they can't use their religion to legislate for the rest of us, argue that gay marriage is a threat to the tradition of marriage. Wasn't that the same set of reasons their ancestors used to argue against interracial marriage?

In the following totally kick-ass clip, NYS Senator Diane Savino brilliantly shows that the real threat to the institution of marriage is precisely those who do have that right, those who have made a mockery of the very same institution they proclaim to want to protect :)

I'm sorry to inform that the bill was rejected by the Senate... oye... :(
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