Homeopathy - The Test

Homeopathy isn't some wacky fringe belief, as many scientists and skeptics tend to think; it's a wacky popular belief :)

When the early homeopaths noticed they were poisoning some of their clients with their made-up concoctions (and no one ever bothered to ask them where the rationale for those mixes came from in the first place), they had two basic options: admit the whole thing was a fraud, or come up with some desperate set of ad hoc made-up explanations to vindicate the theory.

Wouldn't you know it? They announced that it works, but that it relies on a principle of dilution that guarantees the the only thing patients would end up drinking is water. So they decided to sell 'homeopathic' water (yes, watery water) and other derived products. Now they couldn't possibly poison their clients. Good-bye lawsuits! And since there's a sucker born every minute, hello profits!

Despite the lack of scientific evidence confirming it, anecdotal accounts of the power of homeopathy abound, and there is a long list of celebrities who endorse it. Of course, whenever I get sick, I always ask myself what any other reasonable person would, wwjd?: what would Jenny McCarthy do? :)

If you do believe in the power of homeopathic medicine and wouldn't mind making some money, which I'm sure could come in handy in this downward spiral economy, you could always decide to enter James Randi's Million Dollar Challenge: prove, under controlled conditions, that homeopathy (or any other kind of supernatural phenomenon) works. Horizon decided to take the challenge...

Homeopaths, anti-vaccination loonies and other advocates of 'alternative' and more 'natural' forms of medicine, or prayer, which are not confirmed through empirical testing and systematic observation, are ultimately enemies of science, reason and evidence.

Learn more about them here, and protect yourself and your loved ones from their corrosive peddling of facile nonsense. It may seem harmless, but when it becomes a substitute for real medicine, it can turn deadly.
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