Born from humble beginnings rooted in deplorable poverty and a broken home, Charles Spencer Chaplin would one day rise to worldwide prominence through the artistry of his comedic genius and the newly invented ability to disseminate information, art and entertainment through film.

Originally born in London, Chaplin emigrated to America when in his twenties, and soon became an icon of silent films, which proved particularly popular because they could be understood not only by American citizens but by waves of immigrants and international audiences. In a world torn by World War I, the Great Depression and Hitler's rise to power, Charlie Chaplin brought relief and laughter to millions when they needed it most.

Many of his films, though comedic and intended for popular audiences, drew their inspiration from his liberal philosophy, from his own experience with poverty, and from his sympathy for what he considered the oppressed working class. His leftist leanings, as well as his association with socialist and communist figures, caused the ire of zealous paranoid conservatives who could not stand the ambiguity of his humor. During the McCarthy era, director of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover eventually managed to have Chaplin exiled from America.

This film, starring Robert Downey Jr. and a great cast, tells Chaplin's story.

If you're not in the US, here is a workaround to view the film.

Kind of ironic that such a professional perfectionist would totally suck in his personal life...
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