Stephen Hawking - A Brief History of Time

Stephen Hawking is one of the world's most famous theoretical physicists around. Everyone knows who he is, partly because of his physical disability, partly because of the synthetic voice through which he communicates (and refuses to upgrade), and partly from his cameo appearances in The Simpsons and Family Guy :)

None of that explains why he is so famous among the members of the scientific community, however, and the answer has to do with his incredible work on some of the biggest questions posed by physics, as well as his fearless willingness to play with new ideas and tread in unknown territory, all while being faithful to scientific principles and rigorous thinking.

Because of this powerful combination, not to say anything of his sheer intellectual brilliance, Hawking has made incredible contributions to cosmology and theoretical physics. His study of black holes, for instance, and the prediction of Hawking radiation and its relationship to the event horizon, demonstrated for the first time the real possibility of making quantum mechanics and general relativity compatible with each other.

But Hawking is not simply pure (virtually disembodied) genius; he's got quite the personality and sense of humor, and this is his story.

I bet that guy learned not to overload the wheelchair, didn't he? :)
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