Nature's Great Events - The Great Melt

When the ice in the Arctic starts to melt as the sun rises in the sky, things begin to happen, life resumes its annual cycle, and David Attenborough is there to tell us all about it to the sight of some spectacular photography. Watch as polar bears come out of their hibernation dens in search of tasty seals only to discover that the polar condition is being threatened by global warming and the disappearance of firm ground on which to hunt, stand and rest. Increasing numbers are already drowning and starving to death.

But the same phenomenon is good news for others: belugas and narwhals grace the Arctic open water with their almost magical appearance, walruses embark in their own all-you-can-eat clam buffets, and whales gorge as only they know how. Guillemots also make the long trip north and take advantage of the conditions to breed and teach some survival skills to their newly-hatched chicks: like how to jump from 300-feet high cliffs (with no prior experience in flying) and avoid crashing or being eaten by Arctic foxes. Unfortunately, they're not always as successful as one might wish :(

Breaks your heart, doesn't it? Let's save the world, shall we?
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