Ecce No Homo

If you think your religion is just not homophobic or misogynistic or racist enough, you are in luck! The Catholic Church is sending out an open invitation to Christian conservatives who have a problem with women becoming priests, gays getting married, or uneducated Africans using condoms instead of infecting each other with HIV. And as always, child abusers will continue to receive the institutional protection of the Vatican. Convert now; it's a no-brainer!

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Ecce No Homo
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Stephen Colbert interviews an Episcopal scholar on the issue:

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Holy Water Under the Bridge - Randall Balmer
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Quick FYI for Balmer, the Bible was used to justify slavery and segregation...

If the expression Ecce Homo sounds familiar to you, you might be thinking of Pontius Pilate... or you might be thinking of Nietzsche, who succinctly explained why religion authorities are so self-righteous:
Psychologically considered, "sins" become indispensable in any society organized by priests: they are the real handles of power. The priest lives on sins, it is essentially for him that people "sin." Supreme principle: "God forgives those who repent"—in plain language: those who submit to the priest.
Richard Dawkins also has a few choice words to share about this issue.

In the Pope's defense, though, his sense of fashion is fabulous! :)
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