Dolphins - Deep Thinkers?

I recently went to Sea World (where I took the picture on the right), and I was so impressed by the dolphins that I just had to look for something to share with everyone, and what could be better than David Attenborough explaining their incredible mental powers?

Now, I'm not going to sit around and wait for a dolphin to publish a philosophical treatise on the meaning of meaning, or a set of meditations on whether universals precede particulars or vice versa, but there is no denying that in the relatively short time they have been aquatic creatures, they have become one of the most successful species in the sea, totally kicking fish butt :)

This sudden coup has been made possible by their highly advanced intelligence, which is itself a result of their social nature and their need to communicate with one another.

As Attenborough demonstrates in this documentary, however you define intelligence, dolphins are ready to meet the challenge and prove themselves deep thinkers.

And here is a slideshow with a few of the pictures I recently took:

The day they get opposable thumbs, we're done!
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