Americans Observing 9/11 by Trying Not to Masturbate

Oh, I can just imagine all the hate mail and offensiveness this blog entry is going to produce... and yet I can't help myself. Unfortunatley for everyone else, I'm not above this sort of thing :)

But let's keep in mind that, well, just admit it: you know, absolutely, that it would be wrong to... er... salute your proverbial flag (or tickle your kitty) on this serious day of commemoration, reflection and mourning, and you would probably admonish anyone who would be so inappropriate and indecent as to indulge and take matters into their own hands, but secretly, you know you totally want to... and now the guilt is piling up...

Luckily for you, The Onion is here to help.

Of course, the following Onion headline indicates masturbation can be patriotic... as American as apple pie... just don't mix them together :)

You can't wait till tomorrow, can you? :)
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