Life in Cold Blood - The Cold Blooded Truth

In this fascinating documentary series, Sir David Attenborough brings to bear a new sense of awe, respect and admiration for our cold blooded cousins: the reptiles and the amphibians. Since they can't produce their own body heat the way we mammals can, these creatures must face daily struggles just to acquire enough energy to move, feed, digest, mate and protect themselves. And although they haven't quite evolved their own internal heating system (yet?), the adaptations they have developed represent the almost unlimited creativity of the blind evolutionary process.

And if you think about it, though surely loads of fun, mating must be particularly difficult for reptiles, not just because of the energy it requires, but because they have to somehow get around the huge female tail blocking the way :)

Watch out for the hilarious scene of a battle between two competing tortoises, why females prefer males with assets and good real estate instead of a shiny personality... or the macabre footage of a gigantic python swallowing a deer... whole.

Check out the entire Life in Cold Blood series (as it becomes available).
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