On that horribly fateful day in the city of Hiroshima, 64 years ago today, the sad and morbid reality is that the lucky ones were those who were instantly pulverized into oblivion once the atomic chain reaction took full force. The only trace of their existence is the shadows they cast on the walls and the ground of the city when the initial burst consumed their bodies in a fraction of a second. Some of those dark shadows are still visible half a century later. For those who survived the original blast, things would only get worse...

In the following documentary from the BBC, and through the use of original footage and moving dramatizations, the story of the saddest day in human history comes to life through the eyes of those who experienced the awesome power of its destruction: American soldiers charged with dropping the bomb and Hiroshima citizens who, against all odds, survived this devastating catastrophe.

If you want to understand the science behind the bomb, check out Einstein's Equation of Life and Death or E=mc²: Einstein and the World's Most Famous Equation.
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