The Atheism Tapes - Steven Weinberg

Continuing his thought-provoking discussions with leading intellectuals for the Atheism: A Short History of Disbelief series, Jonathan Miller interviews physics Nobel laureate Steven Weinberg about his thoughts on the relationship and history between scientific discovery and religious belief, and why 'explaining' the regularity of nature as the result of a designer merely moves the question one step back and raises an even larger mystery.

Weinberg also talks about his respect for the intellectual legacy of some of the major religions, but of course, the story is not that simple, and he draws precisely the right distinctions one ought to consider when analysing the merits behind any religious belief. As we've come to expect, the discussion provides some deliciously interesting food for thought, whatever our opinions on the matter. Oh yeah, he's also jealous of biologists :)

Check out the documentary series and the rest of the atheist tapes here.
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