The Storming of the Bastille

220 years ago today, the people of Paris had grown so tired of the indifference, extravagance and abuse of power by Louis XVI, that they decided to protest the corruption publically. Tired of being systematically ignored, they figured having weapons would allow them to have a voice. To get the weapons, they stormed the Bastille prison, and this marked the start of the French Revolution.

Whatever the original intentions, and whatever the aftermath and its historical significance, however, the siege was tainted by unimaginable violence: Governor Marquis Bernard de Launay, for instance was beaten, stabbed to death and decapitated. Having had his head sawn off, it was then placed on a spike and paraded around the city. The violence that was yet to ensue would not be much different, but at least we got a naked boob out of it :)

Did you know the guillotine was invented to reduce the cruelty of execution? Messier Guillotine must be rolling in his grave...

Curious to learn more about revolutions? Check out this amusing documentary about Founding Father Thomas Paine.
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