Nikola Tesla - Master of Lightning

When most people think of the American electric gridline, they tend to associate that historical development with Thomas Edison. Some even know of the Edison-Westinghouse bitter and controversial competition and the fact that, in order to promote direct current and disparage Westinghouse's alternating current proposal as dangerous, Edison carried out a publicity campaign that included the invention of the electric chair (William Kemmler would be its first victim), and even the public and televised electrocution of Topsy the circus elephant, all to show that AC was lethal. And you thought today's propaganda is despicable :(

The man who seems to have been relegated to oblivion, however, is the real hero of the story, a revolutionary and visionary genius who gave birth to the modern era: his name was Nikoka Tesla. Among his revolutionary inventions, one could mention wireless radio, the Tesla coil, fluorescent lights, wireless transmission of electricity, the AC motor, remote control, a laser weapon, and about 700 other patents, including a death ray :) Today is his birthday, and this is his story.

Electrifying, isn't it? :)
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