For All Mankind

Forty years ago today, the Apollo 11 mission made history when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin touched down on the Moon while Michael Collins nervously wondered whether he would have to return to Earth alone. By now, a total of twelve men have set foot on the Moon, and all of them have made it back home.

While this represents an incredible scientific and engineering success, sometimes we forget to take into consideration what it must have been like to sit front row on the command and lunar modules.

The following film, based entirely on original footage from various Apollo missions and commentary by Apollo astronauts, brings the experience of space travel and Moon exploration to bear on the most personal of levels: through the eyes of those who went there. This is space and the Moon in their surreal reality as you've never seen them.

But first, here is a little something to get you warmed up...

And here is the film in all its glory:

"That might have been a small step for Neil, but it's a big one for a little guy like me." Classic Buzz Aldrin :)
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