Steven Pinker and Richard Dawkins on Darwin and Evolution

In this fascinating and thought-provoking discussion between two of the greatest minds of our time, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins and evolutionary psychologist Steven Pinker discuss the importance of Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection as the conceptual foundation upon which we can begin to understand the cognitive structure of the human mind and its emotions.

Perhaps no other scientific theory apart from evolution is as misunderstood by proponents and detractors alike. It is refreshing, therefore, to see two of the people who do understand it well explain how it works, how it can be tested scientifically, the conceptual dangers of trying to explain everything in adaptationist terms, and how to properly understand the teleological language used to convey the dynamics of evolutionary processes without having to adopt a teleological metaphysics.

You want to have their babies, don't you? ;)
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