He's Barack Obama, He's Come to Save the Day

The Bush administration left the country demoralized. Not only were our civil freedoms taken away and our constitution blatantly violated, but our international reputation was ruined by unilateral radical decisions, scandals of government-sanctioned torture, violations of the Geneva Convention, and irreconcileable sanctimonious moral preaching mixed with almost unimaginable hypocrisy hidden behind the arrogant veil of executive power. And let's not even mention the economic crisis to which the Bush administration gave rise or the environmental problems it never dared confront... or even acknowledge.

The good news is we now have a president whose optimistic outlook and willingness to work with the American people and citizens of the world has regained us some trust and good will. He's Barack Obama... He's here to save the day :)

And if you don't think he's that powerful, look at what he did to Stephen Colbert's hair.
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