Microraptor - The Four Winged Dinosaur

Ever since the discovery of archaeopteryx in 1861, two years after Darwin's publication of On the Origin of Species, scientists have been able to make the case that modern birds are the only surviving descendants of dinosaurs (yes, T. Rex probably had feathers!). Watch Sir David Attenborough dazzle you with the story in this astonishingly beautiful documentary.

The discovery of a new set of fossils, however, is baffling scientists. The fossils are of something that resembles reptiles and birds, except that it has four wings instead of just two. The name of this curious animal is Microraptor.

Watch in today's documentary as scientists do what scientists do best, even when they are stubborn: think up hypotheses to explain their findings, gradually modify those hypotheses to be consistent with the constraints imposed by the evidence, and think of ingenious and creative ways to test their hypotheses.

That flying squirrel was awesome!!!
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