Darwin's Struggle - The Evolution of the Origin of Species

It took Darwin more than twenty years after the famous voyage of the Beagle to publish his theory of evolution by natural selection. If Alfred Russell Wallace hadn't sent him a copy of his own independent discovery of the theory, On The Origin of Species might have been published posthumously or perhaps never at all.

Why did it take Darwin so long to compile his thoughts and make them public? The answer is complex, and involves among many other reasons his relationship with his devoutly religious wife Emma, the death of his daughter Annie, his need for his scientific reputation to precede him, fear of social backlash, the erosion of his own religious faith, his drive to find evidence in support for his views, as well as other personal, philosophical and emotional reasons, which today's documentary investigates alongside captivating video footage of the plant and animal worlds that so inspired Darwin.

That mid-fly hunt was awesome!

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