Leonard Cohen - I'm Your Man

If there was one reason that could ever convince me to pick up smoking, it would have to be so that I can sound like Leonard Cohen. Still, it's not merely the voice that makes the man; behind the sound and the brilliantly poignant poetry hides an intellectual genius whose writing was compared to that of James Joyce and Henry Miller when he was only on his thirties.

Leonard Cohen's life is a long and prolonged attempt to find himself, always conscious and critical about the banality of consumerism and sensuality, and yet always fully immersed in the world of the sensuous, deriving interesting and cynical observations from the paradoxical combination of this existential dichotomy, and consistently setting them to minimalistic poetry that sometimes takes years to perfect.

The following movie is a documentary about the life and the artistic legacy Leonard Cohen has been creating for the past half a century, as well as a tribute to him, with a large number of artists, including U2, performing some of his most famous songs and revealing his incredible influence.

And if you must hear the man himself, here he is performing The Stranger Song:

Here is his classic Closing Time:

Dance me to the end of love:

A Thousand Kisses Deep:

And finally, if you just can't get enough of his music, here is a list with some of my favorite songs by Leonard Cohen:

After a very long hiatus, Leonard Cohen is writing music again and is on tour now (thanks to the douche bag manager who stole all his money). Go see him if you have the chance.
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