Bowling for Columbine

Ten years ago today, two teenage boys went to school and unleashed the fury of their hatred and frustration upon their unsuspecting peers and teachers, killing and injuring many of them before taking their own lives.

No one knows for sure why the massacre took place, and to my mind, no one captures the mystery behind the shooters and their inscrutable psychology better than Metallica in this prophetic song (written years before the shooting).

It's easy to cast blame and explain away the tragedy as the result of two deranged minds, but it would be well worth our time to explore our own role and some of the social conditions we ourselves have created to contribute to this mess.

Why is this a particularly American trend? Michael Moore explores this question, and Marily Manson dishes out some timely wisdom in this touching and amusing documentary.

I wonder if Evangelical Christians ever wonder what kind of music Hitler was listening to as a teenager :)
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