The Genius of Darwin - Part 3 - God Strikes Back

Science is an attempt to objectively describe and explain the nature of physical reality through the deployment of experimentation and the analysis of evidence. Built into its philosophical structure is a series of increasingly improving self-correcting mechanisms whose object is to minimize error, subjective biases and manipulation. The idea is that, assuming the universe works according to a set of consistent principles, science should help us all converge on the truth of its nature.

Although its aim is objective, however, science is bound to clash with ideology and prejudice, and no current scientific theory seems to collide with political and religious ideologies more than evolution, not because the evidence supporting it is not overwhelmingly abundant but because of what it implies, or seems to imply, about our place and status in the universe.

In the last episode of this documentary series, Richard Dawkins explores the internal conflict Darwin himself faced as his theory of evolution eroded his faith in god, as well as the duplicitous creationist tactics employed by those afraid of the implications of Darwin's uncannily successful and fecund theory.

I never imagined I'd ever see post-modernist scientists... what a bunch of wimps!

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