Sigmund Freud - Analysis of a Mind

Challenging the materialism of his day after discovering that thought and ideas alone could result in the unexpected manifestation of physiological symptoms, and finding that sex and childhood trauma and frustration were somehow involved in a great deal of human conflict and misery, Sigmund Freud became the father of psychoanalysis.

Originally influenced by Nietzsche's intimations with the subconscious nature of human drives and instincts, Freud systematized these ideas and further developed them into a full-fledged theory of mind, replete with therapeutic approaches for the treatment of psychological and emotional illnesses. If anyone ever took the introspective motto 'know thyself' seriously, it was certainly Freud.

Many of his original ideas have not survived the test of time and scrutiny, however, but the impressive paradigm shift for which he was responsible, and his novel approach to the understanding of human psychology marks him as one of the true and most interesting geniuses of history, as you are about to find out in this fascinating documentary (though you'll have to settle for the Spanish version for now).

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